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Mature content
SpongeBob- Whale Meat: Part IV :iconrolfeddfan:RolfEddFan 6 3
Mature content
SpongeBob- Whale Meat: Part III :iconrolfeddfan:RolfEddFan 6 3
Mature content
SpongeBob- Whale Meat: Part II :iconrolfeddfan:RolfEddFan 6 2
Mature content
SpongeBob- Whale Meat: Part I :iconrolfeddfan:RolfEddFan 6 2
SpongeBob- Truth, or Reality?
Truth, or Reality?
Summary: SpongeBob invites his friends to play a game of ‘’Truth or Dare’’ at his house.
Rated: T for Teen; 13+
Characters: Squidward, SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy
Pairing(s): None
Genre: Friendship
Word Count: 7, 280
‘’Have you ever noticed that when you’re swimming it seems like you’re standing still, but you’re really moving?’’ SpongeBob began. ‘’And when you’re on a plane, it seems like you’re going by so slow but actually you’re moving really fast?’’ Children made the strangest observations.
‘’What are you talking about?’’
‘’Fish might not notice water, and we might not notice time. But those are our realities,’’ SpongeBob explained. ‘’If we move fast, then time will move slower. So for a runner, the time is moving slower than someone who is walking.
:iconrolfeddfan:RolfEddFan 17 7
The Greatest Stick Figure There Ever Was: Part II
SpongeBob/Squidward Friendship- The Greatest Stick Figure There Ever Was: Part II
Summary: Squidward survives a car accident which leaves him partially paralyzed. Now bedridden, will he ever be able to dance or paint again?
Rated: T for Teen; 13+
Characters: Squidward, SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy
Pairing(s): None
Genre: Hurt/ Comfort/ Friendship
Word Count: 3, 727
SpongeBob told Sandy about what happened the night before, and she was more than impressed to hear how much progress SpongeBob had made with him. ‘’See? You’re finally getting through to him.’’
‘’Yeah. I think I found his soft spot.’’
‘’Which is?’’ she asked curiously with a raised eyebrow.
‘’It’s actually quite literal,’’ SpongeBob smirked. ‘’He likes to be massaged between the shoulders. Whenever he throws a tantrum, I just press my fist into his back, and it
:iconrolfeddfan:RolfEddFan 12 5
The Greatest Stick Figure There Ever Was: Part I
SpongeBob/Squidward Friendship- The Greatest Stick Figure There Ever Was: Part I
Summary: Squidward survives a car accident which leaves him partially paralyzed. Now bedridden, will he ever be able to dance or paint again?
Rated: T for Teen; 13+
Characters: Squidward, SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, Pearl, Mr. Krabs
Pairing(s): None
Genre: Hurt/ Comfort/ Friendship
Word Count: 8, 719
‘’How do you feel, Squid—oof!’’ Sandy abruptly jabbed her elbow into SpongeBob’s side, knocking the wind out of him. He instinctively rubbed his sore rib, right under his left breastbone and almost demanded why on the Flying Dutchman’s ghostly ship did she do that for, but then he saw the look on her face and immediately bit his tongue.
Through gritted teeth she snapped, ‘’Remember what we talked about?’’ He followed her gaze across the room and rested his eyes on Squidward who lay propped up in hi
:iconrolfeddfan:RolfEddFan 11 6
Squidward/Patrick Friendship- Rent
Summary: Patrick thinks he’s worthless until an unlikely friend helps him see otherwise.
Rated: T for Teen; 13+
Characters: Squidward, SpongeBob, Patrick, Mr. Krabs
Pairing(s): None
Genre: Friendship
Word Count: 5, 220
SpongeBob had been standing at the front door, repeatedly knocking for what seemed like eternity, before he found the spare key stashed under the doormat and let himself in. Patrick’s house was unusually dark—and not just because it was a rock. Patrick was actually afraid of the dark, and therefore, kept his semi-underground abode usually very well-lit. But today it was plummeted in pitch blackness, and when SpongeBob called his name for a second time, there was no response. Something must be wrong. ‘’Pat—‘’ SpongeBob began, but his foot caught something on the ground, and he tripped over whatever it was. He landed hard on the side of
:iconrolfeddfan:RolfEddFan 10 12
SpongeBob- Greying Gracefully
Greying Gracefully
Summary: SpongeBob finds a grey hair and begins to worry about his premature aging.
Rated: T for Teen; 13+
Characters: Squidward, SpongeBob, Sandy, Patrick, Mr. Krabs, Pearl, Gary
Pairing(s): None
Genre: Coming of age/ Friendship
Word Count: 6, 058
It was supposed to be the quintessential ‘’best day ever’’, like it was every morning. The sun was shining, and the hills were alive with the sound of music. Nothing could possibly ruin this most perfect of perfect days, that is, until SpongeBob spotted a lone grey hair, interloping among his platinum-colored tresses. His first instinct was not to panic. ‘Okay,’ he told himself, ‘No biggie. It’s only one. And hey, silver’s a pretty color, maybe no one will notice since my hair’s so light anyway,’ but when he went to go pluck it, he found another, and yet another, silver wisps upon silver wisps. He felt the co
:iconrolfeddfan:RolfEddFan 16 8
Squandy- You're a Pretty Squid
You’re a Pretty Squid
Summary: When Squidward finds a bunion on his left foot, he pays Sandy a visit, who gets the massage of a lifetime (shitty summary is shitty).
Rated: T for Teen; 13+
Characters: Squidward, SpongeBob, Sandy
Pairing(s): Squandy
Genre: Romance/ Friendship
Word Count: 10, 061
He was developing a bunion on one of his left feet, he could clearly see that. He noticed it first thing when he showered this morning. There came an excruciating pain the moment his skin came into contact with the water blasting hard on him. When he looked down at the source of his pain, he saw a bony bump forming on the joint at the base of his big toe, which caused all his toes to push up against one another as they aligned to the left. It was from all that practice, he gathered. There was a tap dance audition coming up for a filmed (but non-airing) mock audition for a local webseries called Asian Pear Migraine, and despite how tired he w
:iconrolfeddfan:RolfEddFan 27 29
Squidward/Squilliam- We Sang Yellow Bird
We Sang Yellow Bird
Summary: Squilliam invites SpongeBob and Squidward to dinner.
Rated: T for Teen; 13+
Characters: Squilliam, SpongeBob, Squidward
Pairing(s): None
Genre: Rivalry/Friendship
Word Count: 5, 086
Squidward, with his slim build and lanky arms, stood gazing at himself in the mirror. He didn’t own anything fancy so he had merely thrown on a royal blue Knightsbridge cardigan over a grey V-neck T-shirt over a white and red checker collared shirt accented with a red tie that he bought in the Queen’s favorite shop on Piccadilly years ago upon a visit to London. It wasn’t exactly Sloane Ranger, but it was the closest ‘’preppy’’ outfit he owned to a Barbour jacket. Yes, he knew that any jackass could run to Target and pick up the same outfit for less than $20, and this betrayed the real deal. He just hoped Squilliam Fancyson wouldn’t comment on the lack of his Prada. Yes, Squilliam, h
:iconrolfeddfan:RolfEddFan 17 20
Spandy- Be A Man
Be A Man
Summary: When Patrick abandons SpongeBob for a religious cult, Sandy decides to stay and help him climb Mt. Humongous. But tensions rise when the debate on what a man truly is bubbles to the surface.
Rated: T for Teen; 13+
Characters: Patrick, SpongeBob, Sandy
Pairing(s): Spandy, slight PatBob
Genre: Romance/ Drama
Word Count: 7, 947
Earlier that day he had been at Sandy’s, or what she called the ‘’Treedome’’, which was, as its name suggested, a tree from land inside a snow globe-like structure. She invited him over to test her jet-pack that she demonstrated that morning, which only malfunctioned slightly seeing as it was still a prototype, before the news of the coming eruption broke all over town. SpongeBob wanted to see if it would be sturdy enough to transport two people—only two for now, because Sandy had refused his offer to join his team, but he decided to use the opportunity during th
:iconrolfeddfan:RolfEddFan 28 36
Gather to Mourn Her
One day she left town with nothing but the clothes she was wearing
Perhaps reckless and sudden, but not uncaring
Maybe she had a suitcase but she packed her bags, up and left
Of her dignity and conviction, she felt wildly bereft
The bus came by and she got on, and that’s when it all began
Upon impulse or intuition, I suspected discord and ran
I told my best friend, ‘’We have to find her before she leaves for good,’’
By his quiet nature, he rightly believed in my will, that which he understood
We thought she’d be there, under her umbrella, waiting for us
But the bench was empty, there in the pouring rain, and we knew she left on the bus
‘’She’s gone,’’ he said, but though I felt tears choking me I refused to accede to wrath
We tried to follow her tracks, walk on her path
We knew she was going home
‘Where was she?’ we wonder’d, ‘Out there in the cold, preferring to haplessly wander and roam?
:iconrolfeddfan:RolfEddFan 22 13
SquidwardXPatrick- Turtle Totem
Turtle Totem
Summary: Turtles, duh. In all seriousness, Patrick tells Squidward the backstory behind his beloved sea turtle necklace.
Rated: T for Teen; 13+
Characters: Patrick, Squidward
Pairing(s): Squidrick (Patward?)...still not sure which one’s correct ;v;
Genre: Romance/ Drama/ Hurt/ Comfort/ Friendship
Word Count: 6, 599
SpongeBob was visiting his parent’s house that Sunday and so Patrick had nothing to do but lounge around in his underwear. He didn’t feel like T.V. so he went outside at the crack of dawn to watch the sun rise from the front lawn of his house. He loved nothing more than tuning out all modern distractions to feel like he was one with Mother Nature, in his underwear, no less. Of course, he didn’t count on Squidward being outside that day, sunbathing, which Patrick always felt was useless. The man had no color to him, no matter what he did. As Patrick came outside, he tried to ignore Squidward
:iconrolfeddfan:RolfEddFan 17 15
Know Your Worth
Yeah I never liked that old washer machine anyway
It never made me look like much
Shrunk too tight and faded colors to grey
Like thorns, too afraid to touch
But a mirror lined inside of the door
Showed me a different story
Now I ain’t afraid anymore
And that’s my allegory
Know your worth, yeah, baby
Know your worth
Ya’ll just gotta know your worth under the skin
And the world don’t take that away
One night I was up drinkin’ too late
Stumblin’ along the back road
Maybe it was will or just bad fate
But I gathered what I sowed
And then them trees was whisperin’:
‘’Don’t you dare slow down, boy’’
Maybe just my imagination but I was listenin’
And I felt no deeper joy
Know your worth, yeah, baby
Know your worth
Ya’ll just gotta know your worth under the skin
And the world don’t take that away
My sister wore her wedding dress
To her husband’s funeral
I’d say ‘’God Bless’&
:iconrolfeddfan:RolfEddFan 5 0
Blue lips and yellow nail polish
Glamour and confidence
She came as no novice
Young as she was, still yet in adolescence
Green lips and orange nail polish
Men who trailed her garments
Complete manhood, decadence
In French, they proclaimed her, ‘’A goddess!’’
Purple lips and red nail polish
To the island’s populous
She rose to prominence
But then one day no one ever saw her again.
:iconrolfeddfan:RolfEddFan 4 0
miles w. | 23 | human sponge

F2U Writing progress bar ??% by Aqua-Spirit22 F2U Writing progress bar 0% by Aqua-Spirit22 F2U Writing progress bar 10% by Aqua-Spirit22 F2U Writing progress bar 20% by Aqua-Spirit22 F2U Writing progress bar 30% by Aqua-Spirit22 F2U Writing progress bar 50% by Aqua-Spirit22 F2U Writing progress bar 60% by Aqua-Spirit22 F2U Writing progress bar 70% by Aqua-Spirit22 F2U Writing progress bar 80% by Aqua-Spirit22 F2U Writing progress bar 90% by Aqua-Spirit22 F2U Writing progress bar 100% by Aqua-Spirit22

I spent my whole life looking at reflections in doorknobs

-Miles W.

Batman Button by ButtonsMaker

''And someday the earth must die as the Lord wills it
And rockets must never land on the moon
But Man will still try
Because he knows nothing else.''

-Miles W.

Spongebob Squarepants-PatBob Stamp by SkunkyNoid Squidbob Stamp by SkunkyNoid (Request) Spandy Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 The GodFather Stamp by QaneaII H: Hamilton Logo Walk Animated Stamp by randomkiwibirds Suicide Squad Stamp by TytoTuesday Stamp: Mythology by FlantsyFlan Musicals stamp by BlindEyeball Respect Women by silent33
Patbob by Waackery Spandy by Waackery Squandy by Waackery Squidbob by Waackery
Squandy Stamp by Waackery Squidbob Stamp by Waackery

Shipping icons (c) Waackery

''When you're falling in a forest and there's nobody around. Do you ever really crash, or even make a sound?''

when you're falling in a forest by JemiNZ

Percy Jackson and the Olympians quote by pervertedmind

''Bruce Lee, ya'll: Emotional content.''

Progress bars (c) Aqua-Spirit22
The SpongeBob Musical picture credit crazycrazyloren


They could never know.
Didn't care at first
But now that you're gone, it hurts.
Been drinking, been smoking
Normally, I'm sober.
The sky's blue and the ground don't end.
Don't end, don't end.
See, I'm my mother's child
I love you 'till the world don't spin
I love you 'till you call the cops on me
Will he treat you like shit, just the way that I did?
I'll be by his door if he slips up one bit.
:icondylanseto:DylanSeto 15 10
Best Broken-Hearted Broadway Ballads
Musicals are dramatic. So is life. And because broken hearts never go out of style, here is a collection of sad ballads, angry anthems, and woeful melodies from musical theatre to help you grieve. Who said musicals were feel-good? Lies. All lies.
‘’Burn’’ written and composed by Lin-Manuel Miranda from HAMILTON:
It was difficult to choose between this and ‘’Wait For It’’, as both songs are worthy ballads, but in the end, the female-driven ballad won me over. Though Miranda is considered predominantly a hip-hop composer, this song proves that he’s more than capable of writing traditional Broadway show tunes, and for me personally, Hamilton’s score shines not due to the rap numbers, but owes its credit to numbers such as ‘’History Has Its Eyes on You&
:iconsarahfina-rose:Sarahfina-Rose 9 10
Accepting ideas for short films!
Hi y’all! Ready to collab and get your story out there? You’ve come to the right place!
I need a story for my storyboarding class. Essentially, it has to be a script for a short (animated) film that would be 3-5 minutes long. Please note that I can not guarantee a short will be made from your script (although it is possible), I am merely creating a storyboard for it.
Nothing too graphic (no sex, nudity, violence, gore, etc.) My professor prefers family-friendly material.
Just send me a note with a link to your script, or an email at with a link, a doc file, or a pdf file, and I'll get back to you if I think it's worth working with. I'd also like to keep your contact in case the production does go further for permission reasons.
I'm sorry, but this is a non-paid gig, but we are expecting no revenue to come out of this anyway.
If you have friends who have ideas, do tell them! :wave:
:iconseptachromaj:SeptaChromaJ 3 9
beasts of wild amber
WE SIT and watch our amber tigers
beautifully silent now, their stripes gone, however
they lie by the bedside in their fleeting splendour
with the serenity of heaven’s blue
a reminder of heartbreak on a wedding day
an image of awakening
I think that they’re dying.
WE REFUSED an invitation to a banquet
in a tortoise shell and performance of a terminal dancer
and rather stayed in our kingdom of dust
our souls of smoke and honeydew rust
we keep singing the quivering minstrel songs
my mind a wharf boat of crystallite sorrow
yours a dreggy wine of oriental ruby.
WE, THE CYNICS of highest magnitude
thirsty dogs by the desert fountain
you’re the aquaphobic mermaid, ironically
I’m your prismatic platypus in love
an albino condemned to walk the snowy lands
edgeless and sweet in their vanilla flavor
but some days it feels so strange.
WE CAME here alone and will go alone
and most likely fall into oblivion
together like mythical corsair galleys
sailing by the craggy forelan
:iconchampmagnetique:ChampMagnetique 3 3
Hero Is Our Middle Name by xx-Night-Waker-xx Hero Is Our Middle Name :iconxx-night-waker-xx:xx-Night-Waker-xx 22 5 QUIEN TE ENTIENDE by cpcart QUIEN TE ENTIENDE :iconcpcart:cpcart 10 0 Spongebob Squarepants by Alpinboy Spongebob Squarepants :iconalpinboy:Alpinboy 10 3 Squidward by Alpinboy Squidward :iconalpinboy:Alpinboy 9 0 Corrin by vashperado Corrin :iconvashperado:vashperado 1,424 22 Breakfast at Amelie's by vashperado Breakfast at Amelie's :iconvashperado:vashperado 1,531 19
Why does
man strive
against time
only to realize
that he missed
the point?
At death's
door is where
man ultimately
sees the true---
the true, full
the glimpse
of what life
is, and what he
Only at the
end does
man realize
the gravity
that time
was fleeting...
:iconwilliamfburk:WilliamFBurk 1 0
Maria Reynolds by kioori Maria Reynolds :iconkioori:kioori 39 4 i'm blue by JemiNZ i'm blue :iconjeminz:JemiNZ 13 3 Sleepy Alt Double D by AskAlternateDoubleD Sleepy Alt Double D :iconaskalternatedoubled:AskAlternateDoubleD 11 1 Chilly, Chilly, Chilly... by Impano Chilly, Chilly, Chilly... :iconimpano:Impano 68 10 Random sketches. by Impano Random sketches. :iconimpano:Impano 57 6




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Sorry, I've been busy guys! I promise to respond to notes and stuff asap.


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Miles W.
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Hey all, my name is Miles W.

Nonbinary male

Human sponge. I write sometimes.

UPDATE: I'm gonna start focusing more on original fiction and one shots of other slash. I think I'm over the RolfEdd phase.

Icon credit: :iconcrazycrazyloren: from her SB Musical Blog on tumblr: beautifulbikinibottomday.tumbl…




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